Québec: An insight

December saw the launch of our 2017 Festival Highlights event, where Director Toby Smith addressed friends, colleagues, stakeholders and press with details of performances and the revealing of this year’s theme. This year is the last of Toby’s four-year directorship and the last year of the Festival theme’s four-year cycle following the journey of the … More Québec: An insight

Film Programme

Below you can find all of the trailers for the film programme we have during the Festival, ahead of a film newsletter being sent out later this week. Sign up to our mailing list to receive our newsletters and find out more about these fantastic films. https://www.salisburyfestival.co.uk/mailing_list.php For a family favourite make sure not to miss… Whale … More Film Programme

Circus & Dance Sneak Peeks

May Contain Food by Protein. Sunday 29 May, 6pm and 8pm https://goo.gl/Y6IoMC You may also be interested to read this recent review in the Guardian http://goo.gl/etxsVp   Of Riders and Running Horses by Still House. Friday 3, Saturday 4 June https://goo.gl/4EUVvk   Tipping Point by Ockham’s Razor. Monday 30 May https://goo.gl/rbnF7s   Do Not Disturb by Vaiven Circo. Wednesday … More Circus & Dance Sneak Peeks