Change is Always Good…

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Change is always good, but it can also be hard.  I was thrilled when I was told I had been offered the internship but I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a little overwhelmed when I began working at the Festival.

My move happened within a week.  I had recently begun living with my Grandparents in Bath and had been working casual hours at a theatre, for a little extra money and some experience.  I was very excited when I was told I had been offered the internship soon after I had attended the interview.  I had only recently finished studying for my Master’s degree in Contemporary Performance and I felt extremely grateful to have been offered something within my field of study and interest.

Just before my move to Bath, I had purchased my first car, named Ugl.  She was certainly about to come into her own over the following months.  In a couple of days I packed Ugl up, thanked my Grandparents for my short stay lodgings and made my way back to my family home in Southbourne near Bournemouth.  I had decided to live with my parents and commute to Salisbury once the internship began.  I am very fortunate to have a close relationship with my family so it was nice to feel settled back at home, especially when I was feeling apprehensive about starting somewhere new.

16th November 2015, I think I was more nervous about the morning drive and managing to get parked on time, than I was about actually starting the job.  Of course all the disasters I had dreamt up in my head, never happened, and I arrived with time to spare.  The team were all very friendly and welcoming. I imagine I probably looked like a deer in headlights trying to remember names, passwords, information, information, information.

I probably chose the worst time of the year for a commute.  I can’t say I found driving to and from work in the pitch black very enjoyable.  And of course that normal 45 minute run took 1.5 hours against morning and evening traffic.  Although I was of course very happy to be there, the beginning of the internship was pretty tiring.  Driving, and equally being stuck in traffic is a lot more effort than you might first think, and  combined with trying to process lots of new information, my brain felt pretty frazzled.

But as always you get through the best you can and here I am, 14 weeks later. And I’m doing okay!  Despite my love for Ugl (she did very well) the commute eventually drove me a little insane, so I moved to Salisbury the other week and it’s been much more restful for the both of us. I moved into a lovely little place with an old school friend and her little girl, and now we have a new housemate, Jon the rabbit.  And I actually have my evenings back! Yippee!

It can always take some time to adjust but I’m slowly getting used to living in a new home and a new place, and I am feeling much more settled into my role at the Festival now which has been varied and interesting.  I’ve learnt new skills such as operating the box office and website, designing news letters, and I’ve been able to research and write about the acts coming to the Festival this year which I have found most interesting and insightful.  I have been given the opportunity to write this blog, which I love doing, and I’m very excited for what the future weeks and the Festival itself has to bring.

It’s always the little things that help the most. I am now able to walk to and from work, and both my journeys are now in daylight. Hurrah! I have begun exploring some of Salisbury and I’m looking forward to seeing more.  Moving has also allowed me the time to socialise with people at work, unwind at an exercise class and generally relax with my housemates.

Keep an eye out for future posts where I can offer some insight into good places to visit in and around Salisbury, things to do, places to eat and drink, what I do to de-stress and unwind- all these wonderful things I have the time to do now!

Change can be hard, but it is good, to learn and to adapt both professionally and personally. I’m extremely grateful for this opportunity and I’m looking forward to learning lots more, both within and out of the role.  Time to get exploring Salisbury!


For information on events already announced for the Festival:

Further acts and events to be announced March 8.


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