It’s All Come To An End

The 2016 Ageas Salisbury International Arts Festival has now finished and my internship has also come to an end, and I can’t quite believe it!  It doesn’t seem like two minutes ago that I was packing up my little car to move to Salisbury, and this morning I packed her up once more to move back home. It’s quite amazing the amount of belongings one can manage to gather over 9 months- I think I got a little bit carried away in the Salisbury shops during my lunch breaks…

I’m going to keep this short and sweet and talk about the great experience I have had at the Festival.  For one, it’s been invaluable experience.  I have learnt so many new skills that I would now feel confident to take forward with me in wherever my career path takes me next.  I have attended some incredible events and seen some amazing art and performance which has enriched my knowledge of the arts and various art forms. But most of all, I have met some wonderful people. Some extremely kind, generous, funny and intelligent people and I have felt welcomed into the Festival team and the wider community of Salisbury.  It’s been an absolute pleasure working and living here for the past year.

I am leaving with some very happy memories and I feel very fortunate to have been given this opportunity.

Adrian Harris Photography-4491.jpg


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