About Us

Sarah (2016/2017)

Another year, another Intern.


I graduated from Arts University Bournemouth this summer with a BA Arts and Event Management degree and have now moved back home to Trowbridge. Coincidentally, Salisbury is almost right in the middle of these two places, as I suppose an internship is in the middle of education and full time employment!

Before starting here at the Festival I also interned in the Development department of the V&A Museum. This was my first real introduction to the ins and outs of development and fundraising within a busy and widely-recognised arts organisation. Conveniently for me (and hopefully for the Festival too) this year’s internship role has expanded into development in addition to marketing and box office.
Interning in London was an amazing experience, but (as a West Country girl born and bred) the sight of fields and forests out the window on my morning commute seems slightly more refreshing than concrete and clouds. A guaranteed seat on the train doesn’t go amiss either.

My experience in the arts has been quite varied, with an assortment of marketing, production and general assisting roles over the past few years. Initially I had a strong interest in pursuing a career in galleries, but as my experience has grown as has my desire to work in multi-art form organisations (hence me applying to the Festival!). I would describe my professional experience within music and theatre performance as.. slim to none. But this is a big reason why working here at the Festival really excites me – my experience as an audience member of live performance is much more impressive. The chance to see and work alongside this year’s programme of events is very inspiring and a rare opportunity.

I’ll be blogging on various subjects in the lead up to the Festival, and hopefully providing you with an interesting read. I also hope to do a monthly round up of arts news with updates and stories on cultural happenings in Wiltshire, the South West and further afield.


Alex (2015/2016)



I am a BA Creative Arts and Drama graduate, an MA Contemporary Performance Graduate, and my love and growing fascination for live art, music, dance and performance has brought me to the Ageas Salisbury International Arts Festival (a mouthful, especially when answering the phone).

Intern tip number 1: always have a post-it note to hand


For the 2016 Festival, I am the Marketing and Box Office Intern, which has led me here, to the Salisbury INTERNational Arts Festival blog (it took me a lot longer than it should have to think of a name).  This is a place where I will be posting ramblings about what it’s been like moving to a new place, starting a new job, my experience as an intern, along with a variety of other intern recommendations of the best things to do in the area, and events not to be missed at the Festival this year.

I hope you enjoy reading, and are getting set to attend the 2016 Ageas Salisbury International Arts Festival (or at least to have a browse through my future posts and follow my journey).  I already know it’s going to be a fantastic year and I’m super excited, so I hope you are too!


Alex (The Intern)


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