2016 Unusual Festival Venues

Our social media for the past week has had a focus on some of the unique venues being used at the Festival this year. Continue reading to find out more about what’s on at these unusual places and get booking. You won’t want to miss out on experiencing live theatre and dance in these fantastic venues.

It’s the usual spot for a rave or for weekend clubbers but from June 9 – 11, The Chapel Nightclub will be home to the New Zealand theatre company Bullet Heart Club.  They will be combining live music and media, alongside theatre to tell a beautiful love story – the initial meeting, the marriage all set to ‘the New Zealand pop soundtrack that shaped their lives’. So if you’re looking for something fun, quirky and catchy then make sure you don’t miss Daffodils.  https://goo.gl/JrQw7T. Clubbers amongst you can stay on at The Chapel for no extra cost (18+ only).

For Shakespeare fans out there you won’t want to miss The Two Gentlemen of Verona by Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre.  Sit amidst the tranquil countryside and enjoy the play with a backdrop of Old Wardour Castle. The production is on, whatever the weather, so sit back and experience traditional Shakespearian theatre, and embrace the elements (although we are hoping it will be a beautiful summer’s evening for your visit). https://goo.gl/c2uqdD

Wardrobe Museum Gardens is perfect for a summer’s afternoon of theatre and picnics.  This brilliant venue will stage the wonderful family event Danny the Champion of the World performed by sell-out family favourite theatre company, Illyria. https://goo.gl/CTEPAi

Have you ever seen theatre set within the four walls of an elaborate library? Well this summer you can. Sit amongst the leather bound books of Longleat House Library and experience New Zealand theatre company, Trick of the Light, performing their paper art and puppetry play The Bookbinder on the sweetest of sets. https://goo.gl/cjXHf8. Normally you’d have to pay good money to visit Longleat Library. Tickets for Bookbinder are just £10 each.

Old Sarum Airfield is another brilliant venue at this year’s Festival. Visit this summer and experience a promenade performance by Olu Taiwo Company and music ensemble Ad-Liberate in Pioneers in the Sky. Details are being finalised even as we go to press, but it promises to be a wonderful experience amongst an eclectic collection of flying memorabilia up at Old Sarum. https://goo.gl/MyV2gS

Experience dance and a live band while surrounded by the Cathedral city’s night lights with dance group Still House performing Of Riders and Running Horses on the Old George Mall Car Park Roof. This urban, gritty piece will be sure to fill you with joy and excitement. https://goo.gl/4EUVvk The Guardian called it “an exuberant experiment in urban folk dance.” Read the review here http://bit.ly/1RgHFHE

Finally, we have theatre company Circumstance making use of not just one venue, but the wider surroundings of the city streets instead.  Their piece A Folded Path moves through the city in a ‘pedestrian speaker symphony’, while audience members carry a small, boxed speaker with them , meaning its open for all to experience along the journey. https://goo.gl/IWKWo2

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